Consulting with Grand Lodges

 With Grand Lodges, I engage in two types of consulting, each of which I describe below:  (1) the Resurgence of Freemasonry Seminar, and (2) consultation on specific issues about bringing the Resurgence of Freemasonry to a specific Grand Lodge. Officers of Grand Lodges interested in consultation with me should reach out to me through the Contact tab above.

Please note that I am available to deliver these presentations in person, or by Skype, or in a combined in-person-and-internet-broadcast format. 

The Resurgence of Freemasonry Seminar

In this all-day event, I conduct four sessions, ideally for the Grand Line and District Deputy Grand Masters. 

First Session: Realities and Potentials

I describe the reality of the Masonic membership crisis within this Grand Lodge, based on your own membership data.

 I explain the outlook for membership if the status quo is maintained (typically, a loss of 75% or more of current membership over the next 40 years). 

However, I also explain the outlook for membership if a more positive approach is taken to both membership growth and retention (typically, a growth of 4x to 20x of current membership). 

Finally, I describe the true reasons for the Masonic membership crisis—which are quite different from the accepted wisdom—and explain that there is a five-part solution to turn this situation around. 

Second Session: ‘Rebuild the Temple’ and ‘Build the House of Learning’

I explain how to refine the overall Lodge experience, and how to improve the quality of Masonic education. 

Each of these approaches will deliver increased value to members, and reduce the number of requested demits and dismissals for non-payment of dues (NPDs). 

Third Session: ‘Build the Lighthouse’ and ‘Repair the West Gate’

I explain how the Grand Lodge and Particular Lodges can tell the world about Freemasonry, and yet keep well within the limits of our obligations. This set of activities increases the number of petitioners. 

In addition, I explain how Particular Lodges may deal appropriately with persons interested in the Fraternity, would-be petitioners, and actual petitioners. This activity reduces the number of NPDs down the road.

Fourth Session: ‘Build the Guard Towers’ and Q&A

I describe concrete steps for Grand Lodges and Particular Lodges to take to address the threat of anti-Masonic propaganda. This activity both increases the number of petitioners and reduces the number of NPDs and demits. 

In addition, I deal with any remaining questions from the audience. 

Consultation on specific issues


A given Grand Lodge may have a specific issue for which it desires consultation. The process usually involves an initial 60-to-90-minute consultation. If merited, I may then do original research, and report back in another 60-to-90 minute consultation.

Topics that may be of interest for a given Grand Lodge may include one or more of the following:

  • How can we improve the overall Lodge experience in our Particular Lodges?

  • How can we improve our Masonic education throughout the jurisdiction?

  • How can we bring in more qualified petitioners while still keeping within the bounds of our obligations?

  • What might we do about the threat of anti-Masonic propaganda?

Again, officers of Grand Lodges interested in consultation with me should reach out to me through the Contact tab above.