Presentations for Masonic Organizations


RW Bro. Koltko-Rivera is available to make presentations before Particular Lodges, Appendant and Concordant Bodies, Masonic youth groups, and other Masonic gatherings. Talks that are currently available are listed below. Bro. Koltko-Rivera will be glad to consider developing presentations for other topics not listed below, upon request.

It is important to note that Bro. Koltko-Rivera will present before these bodies anywhere in the world. Depending on the circumstances of the organization sponsoring the presentation, Bro. Koltko-Rivera will be glad to present either in person, or via Skype.

Presentations on the Resurgence of Freemasonry


“The Masonic Membership Crisis and the Resurgence of Freemasonry: Five Problems and Five Solutions”

The Masonic membership crisis has five underlying reasons—none of which have anything to do with TV, video games, or the passing of the Greatest Generation. In this talk, Bro. Koltko-Rivera describes the five true reasons, as well as five solutions that can be implemented to turn this situation around. 

(Depending upon the audience, Bro. Koltko-Rivera may focus on solutions at the level of the Particular Lodge, or at the level of the Grand Lodge.)

“Two Futures for Freemasonry”

Freemasonry is at a fork in the road, as it were. One path leads to the virtual extinction of Freemasonry, within the lifetimes of men whom we are now initiating. The other path leads to a revitalized Fraternity which has the affiliation of about 8% of the adult male population. In this talk, Bro. Koltko-Rivera describes the two paths, and the patterns of action or inaction that lead to each of these two futures for Freemasonry.

Freemasonry in the Blue Lodge


“The Vision and Mission of Freemasonry”

Objective of this presentation: Brethren in attendance will understand what Masonry's vision statement and mission statement might be. They will be inspired to conceive of Masonry as having a societal mission, not just a personal one. They will be inspired to work out that mission, in their interactions with their family, with the public, and especially with their brother Masons.

“The Temple and the Tabernacle: Symbols and Guides for Personal Transformation and Growth”

The Tabernacle built  by Moses and its successor, the Temple built by King Solomon, are important , not only in the Blue Lodge, but also in the Scottish and York Rite. The design of these sacred structures, as well as the sacred objects within them, were symbolic of a personal spiritual journey.

In this talk, Bro. Koltko-Rivera describes this symbolism, and leads brethren in attendance through a guided visualization to show them how to use this symbolism in their daily lives.

“Freemasonry and Global Domination: Simple Steps to Ruling the World”

In this talk, Bro. Koltko-Rivera outlines nine Masonic principles that brethren can use to rule their inner worlds.

“Freemasonry and the Esoteric: Esoterically Oriented Masonic Education and Research”

In this talk, Bro. Koltko-Rivera considers some questions relevant to the fascinating yet fraught topic of Esoteric Freemasonry. These questions include: What is Esoteric Freemasonry? Why would a Mason want to study the esoteric? How might a study of the esoteric help a Mason in his daily life and his progress as a Mason? How might a brother approach the study of the esoteric?

Youth Groups


“Ethical Decision-Making and Good Leadership”

Bro. Koltko-Rivera  describes four principles of leadership, applicable in one's daily life, one's professional life, and one's life within any Masonic-related organization.

Appendant Orders: Royal Arch Masons


“The Veils and the Ark: Capitular Symbolism and the Secret Theme of the Chapter Degrees”

There is a hidden theme that runs behind some of the Capitular degrees, a theme indicated by symbols that are central to these degrees and that are subtly connected. That theme involves something that cannot be mentioned on a website, but that can be discussed within a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons. 

In this talk, Bro. Koltko-Rivera elaborates on this symbolism, and considers the relevance of this symbolism and its implications for the Capitular Mason of today.